It would seem like the worst time in the world to start setting up a new AirBnB location or setting up an airline and it probably would be unless you have a tonne of money sitting there to buy planes, much like Michael O’Leary did back when 9-11 happened and Boeing got a bulk of order cancellations, Ryanair having the foresight to know it was temporary they ordered 100 planes at half the price.

The rest of us though need to seriously consider putting a good bit of time and effort now into creating a Travel Website or a social feed where you can capture people who are interested in travelling and get ready to send them to travel affiliates.

Why Now?

The simple fact is that this year, for obvious reasons, has been awful for the travel industry and next year looks like we’re going to be heavy into a Global Recession once again. However, people will need an outlet and cabin fever has set in, so people will still be looking to travel once the vaccine is introduced publicly or even before then.

They’ll also be looking online more than any other time in history and are spending more time online than ever. These are the obvious reasons why to begin, but the less obvious is one of saturation. Due to the lock downs world wide, anyone who was in this industry primarily before will have lost a lot of money in revenue and would be looking to diversify or have gone back to a regular day job.

Their loss, is your opportunity. This happens every time there is a recession, the fake entrepreneurs go back to business as usual and those of us that cannot live like the rest of the human population, herding into offices reap the rewards.

The Downside

I will be blunt though, the huge downside to this is that the travel industry is still way down on last year and it’s not likely to correct back to normal until a little ways into 2021, so although you’ll have to do a lot of work now building an audience and working on your strategy, you are unlikely to be able to earn from it until the market gets back on track.

Where to begin

My advice on this would be to start a travel site, talking about one specific niche location, even your own city is a great place to start but just get started now and do at least one post a week. Then you can grow on this over time.

As for the affiliates, I wouldn’t bet too much on smaller affiliates, I would work with larger affiliates mainly I would suggest the following two Commission Junction (which gives you access to SkyScanner) and These have long lasting and proven revenue strategies and operate globally, so they are unlikely not to pay you anytime soon.

If you have more advice, pop it in the comments below.