When it comes to any business choosing a niche is extremely important. In this particular post I’m going to be talking about Teespring and Print On Demand in particular however a lot of the less specific initial conversation is important no matter what the business is. 

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    What is a Niche?

    You’re probably already aware of what I’m talking about but just in case, the word niche essentially means products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population. The word Niche comes from the old French word nicher which meant to “make a nest”, which makes sense because you are trying to target someone in their nest, their area of comfort and interest.

    So essentially the idea is that you would target a niche interest such as Ford Cars instead of just cars, as it would allow you to target people that you know will be interest in your content, product or service.

    Why target a niche?

    The simple reason is that by targeting a niche you make the resources or investment needed in growing your brand or sales less strenuous. If you try to capture a wider audience you are expending a lot of time, money and effort catching people that aren’t interested before you get to the people you want. When you target a very specific audience then you have a much better chance that the people you are hitting with your marketing efforts are going to like what you’re selling. 

    To put it in a simpler form, if you throw out one net in the middle of the ocean, you might catch a fish but if you put that net in the exact location you know the fish are breeding, you’re more likely to catch some fish.

    Choosing a Niche

    The advice I give people when choosing a niche for their new Print on Demand business when it comes to choosing a niche, is start with an area of passion for you, if you love cars then start there. This has nothing to do with the niche, however it will ensure that you are the most likely to put in the daily effort, choosing something you love will always push you closer to success.

    Now that you’ve selected Cars, my advice would be to select a model, type or a sub group of car owners. A simple example of this would be to go for Green Ford Mustang and just focus on people who like Green Ford Mustangs. This way when you target these people, it’s extremely specific and if your product or service is specifically about Green Ford Mustangs, they’re likely to buy.

    Researching a Niche

    There are many ways to research a niche, the easiest way that I’ve found is to do a double check of whether it’s too wide or too small, you want to find a nice middle ground that there are more than 50,000 people in the niche in your target country but less than 1,000,000 if it’s not in there, narrow or widen your search.

    If you want to quickly check your niche, then head over to MerchInformer.com and get their free trial and they will rank your niche from A-F and also show you other users designs in your niche so you can see what level you need to be at to succeed. 

    If you decide to sign up for Merch Informer, use JasonH2020 at checkout for 20% off.

    What’s Next?

    Next I’ll show you how to setup your Teespring Store Front and create your first design for this, or you can head over to INSERT LINK to get my full course on Teespring for free.