It’s likely that you’ve done affiliate marketing in the past but not earned anything from it, when we operate with people in person, it’s known as a referral. You use a service, you like it, so you recommend it to friends. Affiliate Marketing is exactly the same, although it’s done at a larger scale and online, more importantly in Affiliate Marketing, you get paid a commission for referring that person.

How it works exactly?

I’m going to use one of our successful examples that we’ve used which is NameCheap who I’ve used for years to buy domains and they’ve always helped a lot whenever we have issues, the other is Blacknight but we don’t use their affiliate program (I’m not even sure they have one) for no reason other than we just saw NameCheap’s one first if I’m honest. Anyway, we signed up for their affiliate program which pays us normally around 20% of what the referred customer spends with them. A domain is only around $10 on average, so we make about $2 per sale, doesn’t sound great. However the site we created 2 years ago all about how to use their control panel, domain name information etc, has now shown up in some first searches on Google. Nowaday’s it gets thousands of hits a day, so every day we get hundreds of customers going to our affiliate link and buying. We haven’t updated the site in a year and it still makes us $1,000’s per month.

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    Sounds too good to be true?

    The usual responses that we hear when we advise someone to start Affiliate Marketing is one of the following two, which I want to shoot down quickly, after which I’ll give you the brass tax.

    “Yea but if it was that simple then everybody would be doing it?”

    This is a true statement which is why everyone uses it, but here’s my response, “It’s simple but it’s not easy”. Most business ventures in life are the same, there’s no rocket science to them, if you want to succeed you need to make a plan, set goals and show up everyday. The issue now is that everybody wants everything to happen immediately and I get that, the reason I understand is because 90% of the people that come to me and want to learn something like this, are coming because they are struggling financially and want to change their situation. If you’re in that boat, this is not your immediate solutions, I will post some of those next week so keep posted. However, don’t give up on this option now, if you put an hours work a day in on this for the next 2 years, you will build a business that, at the VERY LEAST, will be generating an extra $1,000 a month. Which for most people would change their lives. Therein lies the issue, it’s a simple business model but it can take 6-24 months to get the results, so most people give up.

    “Yea but everybody is doing affiliate marketing now, it’s saturated”

    This one I prefer to hear because its got a place in reality, but it’s still BS. There are thousands of people doing Affiliate Marketing right now, possibly millions, but there are Billions of people in the world with millions of different interest, if you don’t think that you can get through to a small percentage of those after putting in 2 years of solid work. Enough to make a living. Then my advice, don’t quit your day job. running a business isn’t for you. My response when you say “something is too saturated” is a simple one, bars are massively saturated in every town and city in the world but new ones are still opening and becoming successful constantly. It’s about sticking to a plan, showing up and working longer than every other idiot who’ll give up after 60 days or less!

    This works, but you have to keep going at it until it works, learn from your mistakes, get better and eventually it will become an automated, money making machine that will make you more than most rental properties. Invest your time and don’t listen to people who say it won’t work. That’s the brass tax.

    So how do you get started?

    Over the coming weeks we’re going to be doing more videos on how you can get started with Affiliate marketing and giving you different examples in different niches but I know some of you will be keen to get started right now. The following is your getting started bootcamp:

    1. Select a Niche
    2. Find Affiliates
    3. Buy a domain Name
    4. Build a Website
    5. Create 30 days of Content

    I’m going to go through the how and why of each of these now but over the coming 30 days we’ll have in depth posts and videos on each of these. In this post I’m going to give you an overview of each so that you can just get started.

    Select a Niche

    This is an important step and for your first affiliate marketing website I would suggest going into an area that you enjoy or something that you have experience in. You need to create content every day for the next 30 days so it’s important that it’s either easy for you to create or that you have a passion for it so that you’ll see it out. After the first one I’m less worried about this because once you complete the first affiliate site you’re going to be more likely to do a second, a third and so on.

    It’s important that you select a good niche because this will allow you to get at least one of your pieces of content onto the first page of Google, which after about 6-8 months will start driving traffic without you sharing whatsoever.

    Find Affiliates

    If you have any product in mind you can simple Google the product + affiliate program and you’ll get the information basically straight away. If you’re not sure what you want to promote I would suggest joining ShareASale because you have thousands of affiliates you can browse through and find an affiliate in the niche that you’re interested in. Most larger companies have an affiliate program so finding one shouldn’t be hard.

    Buying a Domain Name

    The next step is to get a name for your new niche site and I would suggest getting something that makes sense for your particular niche choice, this will not only help with Google Search Ranking but it will also help you to stay focused within that niche and not go off track. An example is if your niche is Sales Funnels then buy “”. A domain name isn’t expensive, it’s around $10 a year and if you can’t break even on that, then you’ve given up or done something wrong.

    To get a discounted domain, head over to this NameCheap link to get your domain with 10-20% off.

    Build a Website

    This for a lot of people is the hard part and I will be doing a full video series and teaching you how to build a WordPress website for your affiliate marketing site soon, so sign up for our newsletter which is above in this article or subscribe to our YouTube channel now to get updates on those over the coming 30 days. However if you’re interesting in getting started now and you’re willing to learn how to create your own website, head over to SiteGround and get a discounted package to set up your own affiliate website now. Search YouTube for WordPress tutorials or SiteGround WordPress and you’ll find tonnes of Tutorials.

    If you want an easier way to build the website then definitely check out Site123 it’s a much easier way to build a website with no technical knowledge.

    30 Days worth of Content

    Here is the challenge and you can start this before buying the domain or starting the website if you would prefer. I want this to be your 30 day challenge, every day for the next 30 days create content around your chosen niche or product and this will be enough that if you were to put these up at the end and leave it there then you should be able to earn from this in 6-8 months just from Google Results alone if you do nothing more after the 30 days.

    A tip on this, I would use SemRush (Free Trial) to check your content after you add it to your site to ensure it is SEO’d correctly and also it will find your competitors and rate you against them which will help you know when your content is good enough.

    Looking forward to talking to you guys next week to show you more about Affiliate Marketing and begin the Bootcamp. Don’t forget to subscribe above or on YouTube to stay up to date.