When it comes to starting to earn online, there are a tonne of options, all of which will take time to grow but I honestly believe that affiliate marketing is the best way for anyone to get started because the model is simple and everyone has a network that they can sell to.

So in this post I’m going to talk to you about the easiest way to start using Share A Sale which gives you access to thousands of affiliates you can promote, which aren’t as clickbaity as ClickBank is.

A Quick Intro

Affiliate marketing for anyone who doesn’t know is simply referring a product or service to someone, when they buy you get a cut of the sale, which is your commission. That’s it, really simple. Want to learn more about Affiliate Marketing? check this post.

Why Share A Sale?

The reason I promote Share A Sale over all others is that they check the affiliates who sign up and they make sure that the affiliates fund their accounts first, so if the company has a down month, you still get paid. This is why companies like Nike and Reebok use the service. I never liked ClickBank because there are so many people flogging courses etc as services and giving “huge commissions” but you’ll lose your audience by promoting them.

Don’t have an audience? Still want cash?

I hear you, maybe you haven’t started your website yet, so the next section of this post is out of your reach. Then while you’re building your website and audience, how can you make money from affiliate marketing?

Well you can do what I did when I originally got into this business. At the time I was running a business dealing with a lot of clients in various industries as well as a network of friends that were in this industry.

I simply signed up for Share A Sale and then I just signed up for every affiliate that I knew would be something that clients or friends would be interested. Then anytime one of them asks me for a recommendation or it something comes up in conversation, I just say “oh, I know a great service/product that’ll sort that for you, I’ll send you a link on whatsapp or email.”

After a while I realised I was making a decent bit of money from just doing this and then I decided to make an affiliate marketing website.

Have an audience? How to quickly make money using this method?

One of our sites, which I’m not naming here because of all you haters out there, is based around a specific breed of dog. We hadn’t bothered to monetise it because it was literally just a pet project (get it?) but then we realized that the site had grown and we were getting around 5,000 hits per day just from organic traffic through Google.

Side note, if you just write great content, check the content with SemRush and do nothing else for 12 months, you can create a high traffic affiliate site with no money in. Stop looking for the quick money, this s**t takes time.

We went with two obvious choices, we looked back over our content, chose some affiliates that fit from Share A Sale and then put them in the articles as recommended products, anything we couldn’t find, we just put in an Amazon product like this one.

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    In a matter of days, our site had generated over €2,000 in commissions and is now growing constantly. The beauty of this, is it’s the quickest way to find affiliates and get started. That’s the key.