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In a recent post which garnered a crazy amount of attention we spoke about the Chaturbate Affiliate Program and how to set that up, earning $600 a month within three months. If you haven’t read that post then definitely check that out here.

One of the main pieces of feedback that we received was that they aren’t a fan of Chaturbate and we hear a lot of this from our discussions with models. It definitely holds some sort of negative stigma which we understand. The more loved alternative seems to be

This giant website is part of the AWEmpire network who also started PornHub, so they know what they are doing in this industry. I’m going to jump into what you can do to make money with their network, but if you’re so interested you can’t be bothered to read then feel free to use this income calculator to see if you think it’s worth your time.

A Quick Overview

AWEmpire is the largest provider of adult content on the web by a massive margin and as such this gives you quite a bit of choice when it comes to which part of their content you would like to promote. However we can break this down to two categories in reality, cam sites and tube sites, basically live or prerecorded video.

You then have a couple of choices about what way you would like to earn with them that works very similar to the Chaturbate Affiliate Network.

White Label

Much like the Chaturbate Affiliate Network, AWEmpire allows you to create a white label website where all of their content from a site of your choice is pulled in and you can very simply set up the by filling in their details and then use the Logo and Domain steps from THIS POST to link up those parts. Once you’re done, you have your own white label cam site where you earn between 35% and 45% of the revenue depending on the type of clients you bring, tier 1 (US/EU) clients earn the most for you.

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    Simple Referral

    The second way that you can earn money is simply by linking people to one of AWEmpire‘s network through their linking codes which you’ll find after sign up. This works just like any other affiliate where you get a unique link and you can add it to your website, share it with your following, email marketing or anything else you like. If someone click this link and then makes a purchase you get a 35% cut, which is pretty amazing.

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    Tube Site

    The last and most complicated way that you can make money with AWEmpire is to create your own “Tube Site”, which is essentially the same as PornHub. This can be extremely lucrative and there is less competition because it’s harder to do. While AWEmpire lets you do this using their content you need to do it by programming code which handles their JSON, so not the best for a non techy. We’ll have more on this later but if you’re interesting then, well…

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