When it comes to hosting and building a website these days, I think it’s fair to say that you no longer need to hire anyone. However it can still be daunting in knowing where to start. Some go with platforms like Wix, Shopify or Site123 and then there our those Steve McQueen types out there who want to grab life by the balls, take the risk and jump out of the plane, so for the crazy ones there is of course, installing and setting up your own hosting and WordPress site.

If you were to search for website hosting right now, you’d find about a million choices. If you’re going to host your own website, you’re probably going to use the WordPress platform and given WordPress themselves recommend Bluehost, we’ve decided it’s a good place to start. After we start with a simple explaination.

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    What is website hosting

    They have bought the big expensive computers, they have set them up to work for running a website, they have made sure they have a fast connection to the internet. They’ve done all the work.

    When you get a web hosting plan, you are borrowing a bit of one of their computers (or a whole one, sometimes). This lets you put the files and software needed to run your website somewhere that it can easily be accessed by anyone who wants to view it.

    To make this easier for you, they also provide tools for managing your piece of the computer and for building and running your website.

    Bluehost Review

    Starting at only $3.95 a month to get your website online and being WordPress’ official recommendation it’s no wonder this company host millions of websites.

    Bluehost is owned by EIG, which controls 6% of total websites in the world. They are one of the most marketed web hosts in the world. In fact, if you Google about the best web hosting, the top 5 searches result will claim Bluehost as the best host including a highly authoritative review site such as CNET and Techradar.

    We moved 20 of our websites to Bluehost in the last 3 months to check it out and here is what we think.

    The Good

    The Price, it’s by far the most cost effective host on the web. That’s all there is to it, $3.95 is damn cheap…like c’mon. Why go on.

    Uptime is the amount of time your website is up and running. Less uptime can result in bad user experience and loss in revenue.

    Bluehost is very reliable with an average uptime above 99.99%

    Bluehost uptime is very high thanks to its data center in Utah, which provides power backups using UPS and diesel generators. We track uptime of 10 best web hosting using a tool called Host-tracker.

    Their support is 24/7 and we liked that their isn’t a ticket system just a phone number or live chat function so at the very least you get help and an answer straight away unlike some hosts who can take around 24 hours to get back to you. We would place their support above all others we’ve tried, other than our own Amazon AWS hosting but we manage that with complete control and we’re awesome so that doesn’t count. Of Course. On average, their support was above average.

    Setting up a website has never been easier. Nowadays, anyone can build a website with just a laptop and internet. This is helped by various tools provided by web hosting companies.

    Bluehost’s website builder helps us in building a simple website through WordPress in just 1-2 hours once you make a purchase. Additionally, they offer features such as staging sites, which will help us test our website design and content in a separate subdomain without affecting your live site. Once you are okay with the changes, you can push the staging copy to live.

    Bluehost relies on third-party providers like Cloudflare for protecting your website from hacks, DDOS attacks, and malware. Even though Cloudflare is considered very highly for its ability to secure your website from any external attacks, we still feel Bluehost should setup some internal system to prevent these attacks. Hosting companies like SiteGround and HostGator has an internal system to stop these attacks in addition to the external providers.

    However, there were only 2 reported attacks on Bluehost in their entire 24 years of providing web hosting service.

    In March 2015, Bluehost was hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army. Also hacked were Justhost, Hostgator, Hostmonsterand Fastdomain, all owned by Endurance International Group. SEA claimed that these services were hosting terrorist websites. SEA posted screenshots of the attack on Twitter.

    Other than this one incident, Bluehost can be considered a safe web hosting for your website.

    The Bad

    The only real issue we’ve had so far is that for some of our sites that are more complex and heavy running it is definitely slower than say siteground, one of the sites tested loading in 3.5 seconds instead of SiteGround’s 2.3 seconds.

    However, I don’t really want to slate them too much on this as I think for the majority of websites built by small business they won’t run into this issue.


    We think this is definitely one of the best website hosting platforms out there, especially for the average user and in terms of price, we think it’s worth a try. 

    We’ll be covering about 10 other hosting platforms in the next two weeks. Let us know in the comments which you prefer or check out their $3.95 plan below.