One of the things we do a lot here at NZT Forty Eight is test our assumptions, every day one of us here shouts down the phone or runs into an office and screams “I’ve got a million dollar idea”, most of us roll our eyes, because it’s very rare that you have a million dollar idea or at least very rare you have one that can be executed with your current skills or environment etc. Earning that kind of money means that a lot of things need to come together in an exact way.

That being said, there is something that we take seriously, test every idea. Never regret not trying something. So we have developed ways to create a website for less that $10 in about 15 minutes, so that we can throw together a prototype of the idea and then automate it’s marketing in the hour after that and share it out for 30 days, this way we can check the data after 30 days, with very little effort and make a snap decision on whether to move on with the idea.


As you might be able to tell if you look at this website, we build most of our stuff on WordPress, the reason for this is we have the servers and for more advanced sites (not this one obviously) we can edit the underlying code to do exactly what we need.

However when it comes to our testing we use Site123 every time without fail.

The reason for this is it does exactly what it says on the tin, a site in 3 steps. We can use this platform to get a website together in 15-30 minutes with absolutely no technical skills, now we could use Squarespace etc, however we use Site123 for one other simple reason, for most basic uses like our testing sites…it’s completely FREE. Bonus.

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    While creating our website we need a logo but instead of going to our design team, we just head over to Canva and make one for free in two minutes, the reason is that honestly for the basic testing we’re doing, we’re not trying to grow a brand and until we know the idea can be monetised as we envision then we’re not going to pump resources in.

    Domain Name

    The only part of this that is paid is to head over to NameCheap or your preferred domain seller and getting yourself a new domain name, it’s $8 ish with our discount here. Then just follow Site123‘s steps to hook up the domain.

    Marketing Automation

    The last step is we head over to GetResponse and we create a 7 day email automation for our website and we get their signup form code and embed it throughout our new Site123 website. The idea of this is to write something like the following, this is our “secret sauce” for email marketing that works for us.

    • Day One – Welcome and Thanks for signing up
    • Day Two – Did you know? (Content related to the idea)
    • Day Three – Case Study
    • Day Four – Sale Begins tomorrow
    • Day Five – Sale Begins
    • Day Six – Sale Ends Tomorrow
    • Day Seven – Wow…we sold out! We’ll be in touch


    You can then take this data over the course of a month, see what traffic you got to the new website, how many converted to email signups and then how many emails converted to sales. Then if you decide to go ahead, you can turn your email strategy into a more advanced if this, then that strategy using GetResponse. Using this idea we can setup and test tens of new ideas a month without taking too much time from our core businesses like Fix My WordPress

    What are your current challenges? Let us know in the comments.