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The Worst Start to the Day is the Most Common

Most people start their day the same way, your alarm goes off, you wake up and either hit snooze 17 million times before you get out of bed or you just get up. The next thing you do is put said phone in your hands and check out messages and emails from during the night, this is a huge issue.

Remember the last time that you’ve woken up and looked at your phone or email, seen an issue and you immediately begin to deal with it. You’re starting your day with stress and also letting other people control the start to your day. As the old saying goes “he must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed”, the reason people say this is that it has some truth, the 30 minutes after you wake up will set up the rest of your day. My advice, get that phone away from you!

A Better Way

You can set an alarm on your phone if you have no other method, I’ll get into sleep patterns another time but more importantly when you do wake up and switch your alarm off, don’t do anything else, turn your phone so it’s facing down on the surface and you can’t see anything before leaving the room it’s in.

Once you’re out, take out a piece of paper while you have your coffee or breakfast and write down 3 things you need/want to achieve that day, whether it’s work, exercise or personal. Get one of these done before you look at your phone. If possible plan out your whole day first so that when you check your messages you are ready to take it on.

Starting with a Win

The entire concept is that before you get any negative external influence from your phone or email, you’ve already achieved something and are ready to focus on destroying the day in front of you. So when you do get something negative it doesn’t screw up your entire day.