When it comes to your online strategy creating your marketing channels there is no doubt that in 2020 Video is king, we use it a lot for our clients but for some reason we hadn’t used it for our own internal marketing. This is something I am pushing for us to alter this week so we can get the ball rolling.

This leads me to the perfect opportunity to share some advice on how I got started from knowing nothing about video editing to learning how to edit. I did this in practice by starting a little YouTube channel about cars, one of my greatest passions to slowly progress.

You can see the difference in quality below and while it’s still not perfect, it is improving. I’m going to then show you in this article, the cheapest way to improve your videos from using Green screens to using sound etc. Let’s get into it!

One of the First Videos

After I learned to Edit a Little

Camera Equiptment

When it comes to camera equipment these days, you can start without needing anything except for what you already have in your pocket, a phone. The cameras on these phones are absolutely incredible. I’ve been using a Canon Rebel DSLR on a tripod, but honestly the phone is just fine, and honestly, depending on the phone it’s probably better video quality than the phone.

One of the improvements I would make if you’re using a phone and not a camera on a tripod like I was is to simply go out and get a phone tripod like this one that for less than $40 is your stand as well as your lighting taken care of.

So as you can see, if you have a phone, you have no excuse not to start on YouTube.

Sound Quality

One of the biggest challenges I faced when I started my YouTube, and still do, is that my house is old and incredibly bad for echo. So getting a good microphone and some sound protection is a must. I would suggest no matter what to get a separate mic if you can to make your videos more professional.

My advice on mics, would be, if you’re just starting go for this simple YouMic, the sound quality is great, it clips to your lapel so you can record even when out and about, best of all it only costs $15.

If you’re going for a more studio set up then what I use is a Steren version of something like this which you can usually pick up in a brick and mortar store for around $30.

My aspiration is one of these Joe Rogan mics, but not as cheap, something that costs more than god.

Green Screen

Depending on your content this might not be a need, but if you have a very small space to record or your not happy with the background then a green screen is an amazingly cost effective way to allow you to get crazy professional with your videos.

It’s also a lot cheaper than you think, my first green screen was just a $5 sheet from a local textile shop and that forced me to edit properly and learn more about lighting so it was a great investment.

If you start growing and you want a more professional setup, you can get a full green screen set on Amazon, like this one, for less than $100 with the lighting included.

I would advise you to at least try learn to use a green screen it will come in really handy.


This is the part that will vary for most people as it depends on your level of technical ability or willingness to learn. I use premiere pro and after effects to edit my videos together and I would suggest heading over to Adobe and getting a trial of CC and then you can pay about $25 a month for the software needed so it’s not as expensive.

However as you can see from the video below, there are apps on your android/iphone device that will even allow you to edit out the green screen. There are plenty of famous YouTubers that edit from their phone or even…gasps…Windows Move Maker.

The barrier to entry for editing has never been lower, so just check out, ironically, YouTube for tonnes of content on how to learn editing.

Get Started

My advice for your first video is just to go from recording to publishing as quickly as you can, then see what needs improving for the second one and so on. To get good at something, just doing it is the best strategy!

I hope this has helped, leave questions in the comments and let’s get our video marketing strategies killing it in 2020.