In this post we want to talk you through how you can cover the basics of SEO for your website for free, analyse problems, learn how to solve them and then how to scale your SEO and just by setting aside a couple of hours a month you can save yourself thousands using the clever tools that SEO specialists are using to save them time and earn more profits from your money.

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    We’re going to cover two of the tools to do this today both of which we use, one is basic and free (Neil Patel’s SEO Tools) and the other has a monthly subscription (although offers a free trial) which is SemRush

    One Step Forward…Not Two Steps Back

    The first thing that every entrepreneur needs to do with their website is to ensure that they are moving up the ranks in Google instead of going backwards. Google will penalise your website for the following:

    • Speed
    • Website errors
    • Malware
    • Badly formed Meta Data
    • Non-Mobile Friendly Websites.

    To check how your website currently looks on a scale of 0-100 head over to to get a free score on your domain. Feel free to browse around and look for ideas from the data they provide and then head over to the most important section on their left menu which is the “Site Audit”, this will tell you all of the basic issues with your website and help you to fix them. In terms of malware and speed, these issues are harder to fix and malware if you’re not technical can be hard to find. 

    If you haven’t setup your website yet at all, try Site123 where they look after speed and malware issues automatically and you don’t need any technical knowledge. If you’ve already got a website, either speak to your current designer or check out FixMyWordpress, a team of talented Irish designers who work for incredibly affordable prices.

    Warp Speed Please.

    Now for the part where it gets really interesting, moving you quickly up the Google ranks and also helping you to figure out your marketing strategy in the meantime. There are a lot of things which an SEO expert can tell you or will just do for you for your $$$ per month. 

    However we use SemRush to give our clients a cheaper price as it does a lot of the work for us. So let’s look at the problems that most businesses face with their SEO and Marketing and how this tool can help. 

    Problem: You need to figure out what is driving traffic to your competitors website.

    This is a common way that we get started, we look at your competitors website and we figure out what’s working for them and what isn’t this gives us insights into what we can convert into working for us also. 


    SemRush will:

    • Do a traffic report to let you know from where your competitors traffic is driven for example Facebook and so on.
    • It will tell you their client’s country breakdown
    • The amount of mobile traffic the competitor receives
    • Automatically show you the ads they are using for Pay Per Click Ads.
    • Alert you anytime your competitor is mentioned on the web.
    • Backlink check, what websites are listing and sending traffic to your competitor.
    • Figure out the type of customer that your competitor is getting to it’s website so you know who to target.

    Problem: You are working on your SEO but you aren’t sure how to check the results.

    This is really covering two issues, one where are you and your competitors ranking and how can you know as quickly as possible if your website is climbing the ranks.


    I know I know… but we really love this tool, it’s made us a fortune over the years! Yep, SemRush again will:

    • Do all of the keyword research on your business and competitors to tell you what content to change
    • Analyse all of your content and website to tell you EXACTLY what and how to fix
    • Update you on progress basically live.
    • Do an industry overview to help you find niches and keywords you can squeeze into.
    • It will tell you your current position based on country, device type and demographic.

    Problem: I spend thousands on PPC ads on adwords and waste so much of it checking what works.

    Solution: I’m not going to even bother with a joke etc. SemRush will:

    • Give you all of the PPC keywords to target
    • Alert you to success your clients are having with ads and show you the ads.
    • Help you create the ads you need
    • Honestly, I’d be all night writing this if I list it all, it does a lot.

    One more Thing

    There is another reason we use SemRush and again this is related to your SEO which is Social Media. It is just a fact these days that your social media presence directly effects how high you Rank in Google. So we post a lot for our clients and we used to use HootSuite and various other tools to manage all of the accounts. This is now included in SemRush so essentially we manage our clients website and marketing from one place. You can post but more importanly for us, it will alert us to any competitors posts which are doing well, so we can steal…I mean, learn from their strategy.

    In Closing

    At the very least I would advise that you use Neil Patel’s tools to do some very basic SEO on your website, but just as the day of the SME web designer’s job is coming to an end *TEAR*, so is the day of the overpriced SEO expert. Check this out and let us know how you got on in the comments.