Spoiler answer to the question in the title: It depends how much you need the dollar.

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Before I get into the article, we got so much interest in this topic, over 10,000 reads in 3 days that I decided to get the team to setup a site dedicated to content on this subject: TogetherWeCam.com,

We also Created the following YouTube video all about it.

What am I talking about?

One of the businesses that I’ve started running this year as times got tougher and as people were sitting home more was considering setting up an Adult Cam site. Like I said, I was getting desperate and also I’m a sucker for making quick money!

So I looked into it and initially thought that the cost of running a service plus looking for “on air talent” was way too large of an investment and a seedy area of the web I wasn’t interested in dealing with. However that’s when I came across (pun definitely not intended) Chaturbate Affiliate Program  which works by basically allowing you to create a white label version of their website with your own domain name and logo, with any paid traffic paying you 20% commission.

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    How does it work exactly?

    It’s really simple, you go to Chaturbate Affiliate Program  and create an account, then you simply go to the White Label section of the website and then follow the steps. Once this is set up you can then add a custom domain (e.g. camgirls.com) and then when people go to this you can be paid in one of two ways. $1 per registration or 20% of everything those registrations spend, and also if a person signs up to broadcast themselves on camera you will get a $50 bonus once they make their first $20.

    Does it actually work?

    I’m shocked to write this after a 2 month experiment but yes. The site I ran to test this out was generating $600 a month after just 2 months although I will warn that you will see basically no money in the first month while you get the system up and running. The key is to try get people to sign up for a free account because once they do, Chaturbate will email them pretty much every day and send them back to their website. If the person registered with your site, even if they spend money on Chaturbate’s main website you still earn the 20%.

    How to market it?

    This is the hardest part as it is difficult to find areas to share it and this is why I went back to the normal Affiliate marketing that I do because it was hurting my soul posting about this sort of thing and not worth the money. You will need to select one of the cam pages and market it on Reddit, Email, Instagram or Twitter. The later possibly being the most effective but no matter where you market, get prepared to be banned or flagged as you learn to market in the Grey Area of the internet.

    Would I get into this business full time?

    Short answer No. Long answer, if I was in a situation where I was trying to earn money desperately, then I probably would because it works and I can see it making money in the long term and I have some friends who lost work during Covid that are now earning a lot of money from it after I helped them learn the business model.

    Let me know your thoughts in the comments.