When it comes to passive incomes one of the reigning champions has been Print on Demand and specifically for us, Teespring has been a winner. I’ve heard a lot of conflicting statements on Print on Demand in 2020 from it’s impossible to make work this late in the game to people who’ve started only 3-6 months ago that are already supplementing their income and growing. 

So in today’s article, to celebrate the launch of our new Teespring Udemy course, a first for us as we want to test courses outside of our usual bootcamp offers which you’ll see in the sidebar that are more hands on, I want to give you an overview of Print on Demand, passive income and specifically Teespring.

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What is a Passive Income?

I want to start here as expectations of what a passive income will be and reality move back and forth faster than an F1 car. When you look at passive incomes on YouTube, you’ll see a lot of people who are flogging get rich quick, buy my course and make your business work quickly and passively. Most of these are garbage, I’m sure there are a few legitimate ones but generally speaking get rich quick schemes are BS. 

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    In reality a passive income is a way that you can earn without expending your time, or earn consistently not based on your hourly input. In the real world a passive income would be something like a rental income, so you put in up front money to purchase a property and then you earn consistently from it over time. On the internet passive incomes work similarly however instead of investing money, you’re investing time. You do the work now and build something that can then go on to generate income for years to come.

    Print on Demand: Is it still worth it?

    One said passive income is Print on Demand which is where you design a product and then another company prints, ships and handles customer support for you, they charge you a fee per product and you take the profit. There are many ways to do that, we’ll discuss Teespring today which is a marketplace and we’ll explain that in a bit, but they all work very similarly. 

    Now the truth is, it’s heavily saturated and hard to succeed compared to say 10 years ago when the space was less accessible, so I do agree that these days it will be harder for you to make a profit. However it’s still completely possible and I would argue that with the tools available and the time needed for the return potentials make it one of the best passive income businesses you can still get into.

    My reason for this is a simple one. You can use Canva to create a design in 5 minutes with no graphic design skills. Then you can upload this to as many different print-on-demand marketplaces as possible. If you did this once a day, spending about 20minutes in total, after 3 years you would have over 1000 designs live. The key is, if you have over 1000 designs available on different places over the internet, the likelihood of getting sales increases.

    The brass tax is, if you start now and consistently add designs then you will start making rising earnings purely based on the odds at some point.

    So what is Teespring and why start there?

    Teespring is a print on demand marketplace and the key to putting your designs on a marketplace instead of say on your own website is the benefit that you will get free traffic to your designs instead of having to market it yourself. Teespring is a massive marketplace compared to most others with the exception of Merch by Amazon. We’ve gotten more sales on their platforms than anywhere else because they really have their marketing and customer targeting down to a tee.

    The drawback of Teespring is that unlike say Redbubble who use a simple search engine for getting sales is that they want you to get the first 15 sales before they will push your products. Essentially you need to prove how that your designs sell before they will push them for you.

    However I can attest that once you get that first 15 sales, they will push your products HARD and you will have an income for years to come.

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