A lot of us who have set up a passive income business or we have read the 4 hour work week about 700 times and are interested in doing so at some point in the future, we all have one thing in common that we’re trying to avoid. Having set hours and being forced to deal directly with customers, instead we would prefer to just have people land on our site, like what we’re selling and buy or F*** off.

So that’s why there is something that I’ve been considering putting on our network of shopping and affiliate sites for a while but everything in my being really doesn’t want me to.

I’m of course talking about LiveChat, and more than you even reading this, I would love if you would let me know your experiences in the comments at the bottom of the page.

In this article I’m going to go through my reasons for doing it, along with the reasons I was initially very against doing it.

Not a fan of reading? Listen instead.

Why I’m doing it?

I’ll go through in detail the reasons I was previously against doing it below but the reason I feel like now is the time to at the very least, see if it increases conversions, is that on one of our Face Mask sites we’ve gotten a good few inquiries on our contact form over the past few weeks and because we didn’t respond immediately, I decided that we should track if these people ever came back and bought.

Why? Simple, if they were interested enough to navigate to our contact page, fill in some information, then they were interested enough to buy. However given it took us around 26 hours to respond, they had already bought somewhere else that had answered them faster. I checked the emails against the orders and only 10% of the people that we got back to longer than 4 hours after bothered to come back and buy.

We needed a quicker answer, so I decided it was time to try Live Chat as the other option is to hire VA’s to work on different time zones etc which I don’t mind doing but if we can automate this away, then I would rather not do this as cost is everything to me!

Why I was against it before and I’m still a little unsure

The main reason I was always against Live Chat in the past is that I figured, that unlike a contact form people who see one of these popups expect an instant response. While this is still the case, with the features I found on LiveChat it meant that I could mitigate 90% of this and send the final 10% to my phone or one of my staffs phone.

Although we wouldn’t close down every sale that we’re currently missing, I figure if we can get it down to a point where we are saving 60% of the sales we’re currently missing, it would be worth getting a VA to just be on a phone the hours that we aren’t.

So the reason why now? Simple, LiveChat now has features that allow for very advanced automated responses, faq’s and so on, we can set it up to look almost human like in a way that we couldn’t have dreamed of in the past. So this means that we can allow the customer to ask a lot of the repeated questions and get a response instantly with no human interaction.

The other reason is that since LiveChat now integrates with WhatsApp and other tools, when a customer encounters an issue that the bot can’t handle, I can easily take over.

Am I certain this will help?

Not even slightly, we’re doing our best to cover all bases and set up an automated response for as many variable situations as possible but the system still has it’s limits.

So it’ll be an interesting 60 day test starting Monday, but I’d love to know if you’ve used LiveChat, an alternative or anything similar and have some feedback for us in the comments below.