When it comes to marketing there is a plethora of things that you can do to generate traffic and bring it to your website or sales channels. However most of these are going to cost you money such as paid ads and so on, the thing about most people’s business outlook is that it’s very short term and is focused on generating income that month. I understand this I really do, especially in such a difficult year such as 2020.

The problem with this short term thinking is that your missing out on easy free traffic that Google and social shares could be pushing your way but more importantly if you don’t work on a long term organic strategy then you will always be working. What I mean by this is that if you create a long term organic strategy that you can spend a little time on each day then after 8-12 months you will start seeing a good amount of traffic coming to your website from Google and other organic traffic sources so even if you stop working on paid ads, you’ll still be converting sales.

The other reason to work on a content strategy in 2020 is that people are now less suceptable to advertising and the consumer is getting more informed and smarter. This means that between consumer engagement and easy to install extensions like adblock, it’s costing you more and more each day to drive traffic using paid ads.

Starting a content strategy is incredibly easy and if you haven’t started one all ready, then use this weekend to begin, because with just 20-30 minutes a day, you could have consistent passive income for years to come.

Choosing your Content Niche

If you already have a website, then this should be easy as you will have already picked a niche, but if you are just planning out your business now then my advice would be to choose an area around your content that you will cover, if you’re planning to sell dog food, then do content around pet nutrition for example.

Create A Content Calendar

I personally run 28 affiliate sites and 7 other businesses which sell products online and every single one of these uses a content strategy which can be a little overwhelming if you don’t have a team to write some of it for you like I do. This is why having a content calendar is really helpful to ensure you follow through.

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What I do is every Sunday evening, I create a content calendar for the week, with all of the daily posts that I need to write and publish that week. My advice is to get a whiteboard in your workspace or write it down, but you can also just add these entries to your Google Calendar.

If you want to take things even further then check out this EpicBlog journal to make plans with.

Link posts in a series

If you can try and make an overarching theme to your posts for the week so that you can link them all together as this will help customers to stick around and read more of your posts, which makes them more likely to trust and buy from you or share the content out.

Post Consitently

One of the things that Google’s algorithm looks for when it comes to ranking websites is your post consistency, which goes back to my content calendar point, don’t just post when you have time, make a schedule and stick to it!

Work in Audio and Video

If you feel comfortable doing it then you can double or triple the effect of your posts by turning them into podcasts or videos which you can then go ahead and publish. This will help with driving traffic to your website and potentially add an extra way for you to add revenue over time.

SEO your Content

If you start creating a lot of content and stick to it, then I would recommend checking the content with a keyword analysis on the Semrush Free Trial to ensure that you’re getting the most from your content on Google results.