Love him or hate him: Donald Trump’s marketing team and marketing machine is incredibly effective. The man has sold everything from Steaks to a debunked University. So how does he sell himself?

Sales funnels are everywhere we look in the world, once you understand how they work (check out our guide) you’ll realize that the richest people and most effective companies are using them all the time. The race for presidency in the USA is no exception, with or without the help of his old pal Mr. Putin.

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    In this post we’re going to show you how the President of the USA is utilizing sales funnels for his 2020 presidential bid. We’re going to try stick to the digital side of his campaign as much as possible.

    Here’s a quick overview from on an Autogrow article in 2016

    The classic sales funnel usually looks something like this:

    The presidential funnel looks similar, but each stage’s components are different than for a business.

    At the top of the funnel, you have media coverage for each candidate’s speeches or interviews.

    People might move to support one candidate or another based on what the issue or news story is and how they interpret it.

    Then people might go on social media to discuss, on Google to do research, and some end up on the candidate’s website. They may also end up on another site that supports the same candidate with a similar conversion goal.

    In the example below from the website, you can see there are multiple conversion goals including donating and registering to vote.

    Now for 2020

    In our guide we have five stages, however given that this is going to be his final term if he wins, the retention/customer relationship stage is irrelevant for this campaign.


    This is the top of any good funnel, where you try to reach as many people as possible and get them to begin their journey down. This time around the message of “Make America Great Again” has changed to “Keep America Great” as he’s clearly turned everything around from the post apocalyptic nightmare that it was in that was 2016 to the prosperous state it now sits at in 2020….however that isn’t the point of this post.

    Some examples of Top of the funnel are obviously Fox News which covers the man all day every day, however by being incredibly polarising as a person has caused even his staunchest opposition to talk about him non-stop. 

    The best examples of the top of the funnel for Donald Trump are TV Ads, Twitter and General Social Media posts. He uses these to create awareness and then drive people to where he converts, which we’ll cover in stage two.

    Twitter Example:

    TV Ads

    Social Ads

    Trumps overall campaign is very much an exercise in causing and creating rifts and divides, then blaming the other side for causing them. It’s incredibly effective and by lying, shouting and stomping around with ridiculous claims, he keeps MSNBC and FOX talking about him constantly. CNN has now taken the bait too.


    At this stage people have seen something about trump that catches their attention, now the strategy is to get them poking around for long enough to opt in somewhere that they can. Once you’ve gotten into the funnel, you’ll be drawn in. The Trump machine is notoriously good at keeping people involved, it preys on anger and fear. The perfect example of this is how his campaign managed to get the president impeached this time. His parade of wanting investigations into Hunter Biden has really done it this time round and even though he was impeached, it achieved something incredible. Think about it:

    • He’s got more airtime and mentions than ever
    • Trump angered and empowered his base
    • Even crazier, he’s made even democrats admit Hunter shouldn’t have been in that position even though the president’s family really take the cake when it comes to earning money because of Daddy.
    • Now Joe Biden has trailed behind Pete and Sanders in Iowa.

    My thoughts are it was a calculated risk by his inner circle and they knew Kermit (Mitch McConnell) would never let him get removed.

    Now more than ever the voting populous of America is fired up and ready to check out Donald Jennifer Trump’s website.


    Trump’s landing page is pretty clear: he’s standing up for those viewing his site. His message is focused on inclusion—“I am your voice”—and national pride.

    His Call To Action is pretty obvious, too.

    The Call To Action copy further acts on this feeling of inclusion—‘Contribute.’

    ‘Contribute,’ as opposed to ‘Donate,’ emphasizes a group effort toward a common goal.

    You’re contributing, not just donating.

    He’s also added the Spanish translation to his website, no wall to see here!

    There is multiple call to actions as you go further down the page with email follow ups for example so their team can harass you all the way to the voting booth. Obvious right?


    Now that these people have become leads in your funnel, it’s time to hit them over the head with follow up until they convert. We go through that in other posts and more to follow. However in the case of an election, conversion ultimately means a vote.

    “The main takeaway—the presidential funnel is structured to convert prospects to leads and leads to voters.

    Each candidate has different conversion strategies, and whichever strategy converts more leads will claim the glory.

    As we get closer to November, both candidates will optimize their funnels.

    Keep an eye out for those optimizing “components” each candidate adds—like a paid dinner with the presidential nominee.

    And watch how well those add-ins convert. You can follow along from a marketer’s perspective by subscribing to both candidate’s mailing lists.” – AutoGrow (2016 article).